Baby boomers: booming into the Internet scene

You’re a young college student who has grown up with technology. You know Microsoft Word, Google, and social media outlets such as Twitter like the back of your hand. The Internet has become second nature to you and you can’t imagine how anybody would have trouble to adapting to it. You also can’t fathom your […]

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How social media would have affected 9/11/2001

LA Weekly blogger Alexia Tsotsis examines how social media would have influenced reactions to the September 11th attacks in the article “What would 9-11 be like in the age of Social Media.” She explains that, “our real-time communication platforms would provide crucial information on survivors and those looking for loved ones, as Craigslist did after […]

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Making sense of the digital world despite the myths

The world of journalism brings with it an enormous amount of confusion, as we are in one of the biggest transition period since the printing press. In his article “5 Myths about digital journalism” Mark S. Luckie speaks of several points of confusion, and tries to debunk them. The first myth he speaks of is […]

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Has Twitter taken away the need to live in the moment?

Twitter, the phenomenon that has had users addicted since 2006, allows users to receive information faster than they could through any medium other than the live-web. Whether the information comes takes the form of news, entertainment, or updates on friends, Twitter has made it unnecessary to actually watch television broadcasts or meet with colleagues in […]

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