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Digitize me, please

“Its time for everyone to accept that the amount of information in our lives is going to keep growing” – Mark Briggs As the world is transitioning into socialization on the Web, it is also transitioning into a world of digital data. The amount of information we have at our fingertips through the Internet is […]

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Practice makes perfect: a beginner’s guide to videography

“The only way to learn video journalism is by doing it. It will take time and practice to master the fundamentals. But don’t let that stop you from trying to learn, because you must just DO IT, over and over, to get good at it. The best thing you can do is attempt to make […]

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Making sense of the digital world despite the myths

The world of journalism brings with it an enormous amount of confusion, as we are in one of the biggest transition period since the printing press. In his article “5 Myths about digital journalism” Mark S. Luckie speaks of several points of confusion, and tries to debunk them. The first myth he speaks of is […]

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Twitter is not a popularity contest: most followers is not equivalent to most successful

Mass friending on social media: its something that almost everyone is guilty of. You, though, could not possibly be guilty of such an offense! How proposterous, right? Ask yourself the following questions concerning Twitter: 1. When or why did you get your Twitter? Was it for personal entertainment or was it for business purposes that […]

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Mindy McAdams: reports vs. stories

“There are stories right under our noses everywhere we go. There’s no need to go to “an event” to find a story. I don’t mean deep analysis, but rather a spark, a nugget, a neat little twist.” Mindy McAdams, journalism professor and expert on online journalism, explains that “a lot of journalism is merely reports,” […]

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Digital marketing 101

Quality content published in some significant quantity, and engineered to be easily found in search engines is a recipe for a successful digital publishing business. Throughout the course of my blog, you have learned how tweet, how to use photography, how to vlog, and how to maintain your comments area. The last thing you need […]

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Soldier Transition Project

For my online journalism course with Professor Steve Klein, I am required to create a multimedia project with several other classmates. We are able to chose our topics and choose our teams, keeping in mind stories that work well over multiple media outlets and keeping in mind the need for multiple skill sets. Several weeks […]

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Audience comments: the good the bad and the ugly

“Being social with users is easier than ever before, and the more a social a journalist is with people, the more sourcrs a journalist can mine.” There is no denying that comments on news articles are a vital part of reporting today. Comments allow for a new way to connect with “the people formally known […]

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Dan Rather and Tucker Carlson on the world of journalism

“American journalism needs a spine transplant,” stressed Dan Rather, famous American journalist, in a CSPAN video conference on February 24, 2011. Students from George Mason University, Pace University, and University of Denver all participated in the conference, provided by C-SPAN’s distance learning program. Joining Rather was Tucker Carlson, a political news correspondent and editor-in chief […]

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Audio breaking in to the visual and text based journalism market

First we were forced to switch from the type-writer to the computer. Then came the transition from the print media to Internet media. Now we are being thrust in to a world of photojournalism, blog journalism, Twitter journalism, and most importantly: audio journalism. You might be asking yourself what is so great about audio journalism. […]

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