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The Secret life of mobile phones

“Mobile computing will impact our world with the same force as the Internet did in the late 1990s” – Mark Briggs The world is going mobile, and quickly. Being able to use cellular phones for journalism is absolutely critical to journalists, as it always them to “report in any medium, from anywhere, anytime.” In order […]

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Columbia professors on new media

“Its painful going from being a caterpillar to a butterfly” — June Cross, associate professor of broadcast, Columbia University If you need any reassurance on the future of journalism or you need to be convinced that journalism is anything but a dying breed, look no further than the following video. In the video, by Columbia […]

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Has Twitter taken away the need to live in the moment?

Twitter, the phenomenon that has had users addicted since 2006, allows users to receive information faster than they could through any medium other than the live-web. Whether the information comes takes the form of news, entertainment, or updates on friends, Twitter has made it unnecessary to actually watch television broadcasts or meet with colleagues in […]

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Little posts, big world: the wonderful world of microblogging

The one-to-many form of journalism, formally known as microblogging has been taking the world by storm since the invention of Twitter in 2006. The phenomenon allows users to maintain a constant connection with others without a direct communication tool like phone or e-mail. If you don’t tweet, you may be wondering why Twitter is such […]

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Journey to the center of the blog

So you want to be a journalist after you graduate? The most important step you can take to achieve this goal is to create a blog today. You’re worried you don’t know how to use a blog? You don’t have the HTML or CSS experience nor the loyal audience to make your blog successful? You […]

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We the people: journalists increasingly call upon the public

The “iron curtain” that has separated journalists from the people for so many years has finally fallen, giving way to crowd-powered collaboration. Journalists are finally beginning to realize that their audiences can “add value to their information by processing it –digesting it , organizing it, making it usable.” In this post, we will examine the […]

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Welcome to the Future: the Age of New Media

You will have “the chance to be part of something bigger and better than it’s ever been before.” As scary as it seems, the future of journalism is now. Hundreds of journalists, from novices to experts, fear for their future in the industry and feel that the media, especially print media is a dying breed. […]

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HTML, Bytes, and the World Wide Web Oh My!

“We are all web workers now”– Mark Briggs This means that it is imperative for us to understand: The concept of bytes, or a unit for digital measurement The difference between the web, which is a way of accessing information through a network, and the internet, which uses applications like e-mail and instant messaging File […]

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